Russian manufacturer of pipes and fittings made of polypropylene

Attention and individual approach to each client, the desire to build relationships by constantly studying your wishes and needs is the basis for mutually beneficial cooperation for us.

  • The latest production technology
  • The pipe is 10% lighter
  • 100% control of manufactured products


For the production of all types of pipes, only specialized high-quality raw materials are used.

The key distinguishing characteristic of this raw material is the minimum long-term strength (MRS), which determines the resistance of the pipe to internal pressure over a long period of operation – at least 50 years.

Our prefers
Own production. Own laboratory

We have our own production facilities.
This allows us not only to control the quality of the product, but also to smoothly vary our pricing policy.

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We are constantly working to improve the quality of our products, to modernize production facilities and technologies.

Working with us is profitable

Working with us will let you get high quality products for reasonable prices

30 dealers

We have 30 official dealers in different regions of CIS

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    Popular questions from our partners
    How can I become a Partner of your plant?

    Send your details to the e-mail: with the subject “I want to become a Partner of the plant”, and then – a matter of technology

    How often is the company's price list updated?

    Depending on changes in commodity prices

    How can I become your exclusive dealer in my region?

    Send your contact info to the e-mail: with the topic “I want to become your exclusive dealer in my region”, and wait for us to answer

    How do you deliver?

    We deliver our products to the customer’s warehouse within the range of 250 km from our plant